nanea: Empowering Restaurants with App-solute Excellence!

We unite culinary creators and food lovers in a delightful culinary adventure with digital boost. And our nifty at-the-table payment feature adds a pinch of convenience for everyone!

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nanea . What ?!

nanea is a smart hospitality app your customers can use to search, order, pay for and rate food and drinks.

nanea makes ordering and payment services digital. simpler. foolproof. more direct. fun. and better.

nanea . What

nanea . Why ?!

NANEA is the solution to all your problems!

*whisper from developers* Oh, no? *continued whispering* Ah! NANEA isn’t the solution to ALL your problems, but it definitely will give you more time to focus on what truly matters. NANEA revolutionises eating out by digitising a business’ order and payment systems.

nanea . Why

nanea . How ?!

Restauranteurs embrace nanea to bring menus to life in the digital world, gather valuable customer insights, and engage with diners through the app. With nanea, restaurants go all-in on the digital experience.

For Food Lovers, nanea is your all-access pass to a world of restaurants, gastropubs, taverns, and cafes. It's a versatile software that works everywhere, for everyone. Just scan a QR code at your table or hop on our app for the full experience. Browse, order, pay, and even give a thumbs-up to your favorite dishes and drinks-all within the app!

nanea . How

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Key Features

  • Scan QR

    Bid farewell to order slips! nanea ensures instant order transmission for a smoother kitchen flow and timely service.

  • Update menus, highlight specials, and showcase your dishes in real time, all with nanea's user-friendly interface.

  • Papillon

    Empower waitstaff by enabling customers to order and pay directly, minimizing wait times and maximizing guest interactions.

  • Payment

    Boost the dining experience further as customers settle their bills right from their seats, making every mealtime a breeze and a blast.

nanea by the numbers ...


+ 289% growth


+ 30% more tables served thanks
to quicker processes!


+ 50K orders smoothly
handled with nanea


+ 13% Increase in order value thanks
to awesome cross-selling!

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Your digital Waiter!

Hungry for more? nanea brings you a world of flavors, right at your fingertips. Order onsite and pay at-the-table or request delivery or takeaway from your favorite local spots with a few taps and enjoy a hassle-free experience!

Eager to begin? Let’s make it happen!

Click here to visit the web app or Download nanea app by clicking on the buttons below, and let the culinary journey begin!

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nanea partner

nanea for ordering + nanea partner app (on-site, takeaway, and delivery)

Setup fee
EUR 300
*one-time fee

Setup fee (license activation + "nanea Welcome Package" with table displays and other promotional materials)

EUR 120
*12 months - Per month
Seasonal Restaurant
EUR 150
*6 Months - Optional selection

Prices do not include VAT

For more info on our prices, please contact our awesome sales team at and they'll hook you up!

Fastordergroup Deutschland GmbH selected NANEA as the exclusive ordering platform at EXPO REAL, one of Europe's most significant real estate fairs in Munich, and for excellent reasons. All orders from 44 different customer areas were processed through the app with absolute reliability and transmitted to the delivery stations via the NARAMIS cash system. Almost 7,000 individual items were ordered, without a single error, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our customers! Keep up the excellent work; this represents the future!
Klaus Managing Director of Sales, Fastordergroup
Managing Director
Klaus - Fastordergroup Deutschland
I came across when visiting "Noisteria" on my lunch break and I was amazed by how easily and quickly I was able to pick and receive my order. For the first time, I enjoyed my break to the fullest!

Love the app! Kudos nanea!
Talar Passionate Foodie
As a passionate gastronomist, I was concerned about how an app would fit into our servicing cycle. However, after adopting nanea effectively in some areas of our restaurant and in short period of time, I instantly recognized the app's significant added value. This approach sped up the process of consumers ordering on the spot, and the dishes being delivered swiftly, while the waiter focused on customer care.
Daniel Restaurant manager, Mein Bistro Avanti
Daniel - Mein Bistro Avanti
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