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nanea's got your back, turning your restaurant into a stage for delicious food, smooth operations, and delightful dining experiences!

Restaurant Customization

Make your restaurant uniquely yours!

  • Infuse the back office with your restaurant's soul-choose active languages, currency, address, and drop a short love note about your place.
  • Splash your personality across the app - logo uploads, cover images, and even pick your favorite color!
  • Cook up anticipation by setting preparation times, tweaking them for peak and chill times.
  • And more...
Screenshot for the customization of your restaurant

Menu Management Mastery

Let's make your menu the talk of the town!

  • Serve up a feast for the eyes with delicious images for categories and articles.
  • Tell the story of each dish with mouthwatering descriptions and a heads-up on allergens.
  • Play the pricing game like a maestro - set different prices and order options for the perfect culinary symphony.
  • Take a bow with features like pre-orders and special days off for your hardworking kitchen crew.
  • And more...
Screenshot for editing an article

Seamless Ordering Experience

Ready, set, order! Let's make it a breeze.

  • Pick your groove with three order options: On-site dining, Takeaway, and Delivery.
  • Navigate the delivery world like a captain - set minimum orders, max distances, and sprinkle in some free delivery thresholds.
  • Command central is at your fingertips-generate, download, and print QR codes for each table in the back office.
  • And more...
Screenshot to configure order types in the nanea Backoffice

Payment Control

Let's put the 'fun' in funds!

  • Dance to the beat of your own payment methods - cash, online, or room charge, whatever rocks your boat!
  • Spice up the dining experience - activate or deactivate at-the-table payment, giving your customers the power to settle their bill right from their seats!
  • Be the maĆ®tre d' of tipping - turn it on or off, it's your show!
  • And more...
Screenshots for additional settings - Payment control

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